How old must my dog be in order to use Bully Max?

Bully Max is safe for all breeds of dogs ages 7 Weeks of age or older.

What are the side effects of using Bully Max? Are there any?

Bully Max is a Veterinarian Designed product and is 100% safe for all breeds of dogs and has NO side effects.

Does Bully Max Really Work?

Yes! Thousands of dog owners worldwide will back this claim.

How do you feed Gorilla Max to your dog?

Gorilla Max may be mixed with your dog’s food, either dry, or with a small amount of water.

Is Bully Max safe for puppies?

Yes, Bully Max is safe for all breeds of dogs ages 7 Weeks of age or older.

Is Bully Max safe? Is Bully Max good for my pit bull or dog?

Yes, Bully Max is completely safe for your dog. It is veterinarian formulated and meets all AAFCO standards. It will only have a positive effect on your dog’s health and lifespan.

Can I use Gorilla Max and Bully Max at the same time?

Yes, Bully Max is completely compatible with Gorilla Max and you may use both at the same time.

What is the difference between Bully Max and Gorilla Max?

While both products are designed for essentially the same purpose, Gorilla Max is the more potent form of the two. While you will receive the same results with both products, Gorilla Max will show results faster.

My Dog is fully matured, will this product still work?

Yes, Bully Max works for dogs of all ages.

Does this product work for all breeds of dogs?

Yes, this product is designed for all breeds of dogs.

How do you feed Bully Max to your dog?

Bully Max comes in chewable flavored tablets and dogs love the taste! You may simply give them Bully Max as you would a treat, or mix it with their food. Either way works fine.

When or what time do you feed Bully Max to your dog?

We recommend feeding them Bully Max along with their first meal of the day. If you prefer to give your dogs two tablets per day, we would recommend feeding them the second tablet along with their second meal of the day. If you are working your dogs out, we recommend feeding them a tablet of Bully Max along with their meal 30 minuets before their workout.

Is exercise required in order to see results?

No, exercise is not required in order to achieve results. However, exercise does increase the benefits of Bully Max.

Can you use this product on pregnant and nursing females?

Yes, this product is safe to use on pregnant and nursing females.

How long until I see results?

Results are typically seen within 2-3 weeks.

When you stop using Bully Max, does your dog lose the muscle it gained?

The Muscle and Mass added while using Bully Max is maintained. There is no significant change in size after you stop using Bully Max.

How many tablets of Bully Max do you feed your dog per day?

1 tablet of Bully Max is recommended per day. However, if you want to get more out of the product, 2 tablets may be used as well. More than 2 tablets per day will not harm your dog, however it is not necessary to give your dogs more than 2 tablets per day.

How long is the shelf life of Bully Max? / When does Bully Max Expire?

Bully Max has a 3 year shelf life from the time of purchase. Our product is manufactured on an average of every 2 weeks to ensure the longest shelf-life, as well as to deliver the freshest product possible.

Does Bully Max Make your dog mean / aggressive?

No, Bully Max has absolutely no effect on your dog’s temperament, behavior, or attitude.

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