NOTE: Please take advice from a veterinarian prior to use any of Bully Max products. All the ingredients are fully disclosed and printed on the packaging.

NOTE: All Bully Max products are ONLY for dogs. Not suitable for humans or any other animals.

All Bully Max products are directly imported from Bully Max Inc in USA; our process is importing them and selling it on

Bully Max products exceed all FDA (Food and Drug Administration in USA) and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials in USA) requirements.

Bully Max Sri Lanka ( is ONLY represent as the distributor. Bully Max Sri Lanka does not manufacture any of Bully Max products. Therefore Bully Max Sri Lanka does not take any liability regarding Bully Max products. Please consult your veterinarian prior to use.

Please note that all items are comes in a sealed pack (Bottle or Bag). We do not open them or re-pack them. Pills can be broken during shipping (inside the bottle). We can not control that.

Cancellation Policy: Once payment has been done, the order cannot be cancelled. You are advised to cancel any unwanted order prior to your payment.

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